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Dear Writer/Author, is based on the cooperation of people interested in the broadly-defined subject matter of foreign languages. We write for all those for whom foreign languages constitute a greater or lesser part of everyday life. Our goal is to popularize knowledge in this field in a way that is accessible to both professionals and lay people. Woofla serves as a forum for exchanging differing views on a given subject – the greater the diversity, the greater the interest. So if you’ve ever thought about sharing your experiences or thoughts on language-related topics, and do not have time to manage your own website but would like your articles to be read by hundreds of readers (and not by just a few as it often happens when you are writing your own blog), do not hesitate to contact our team at Together we will be able to create a new quality of language-related content on the internet.

When submitting your application for participation, please send to your original article on a language-related topic (approximately 300 – 1000 words; spelling, grammar and punctuation checked by a proofreading program or person) that has not yet been published on the internet. Upon acceptance by the current members of the editorial board, you will receive your Woofla account and access details, and you will join the private forum through which we coordinate most activities of our team. We will also need a biographical note, name of your series of articles and your photo (optional).

We are also interested in “nonobligatory guest publications”. If you do not feel ready yet – or not at all –  for long-term cooperation but there is one article at the bottom of your drawer, don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you have any questions regarding our language project, we are at your disposal.


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