We cooperate with …

In addition to publishing articles, Woofla also aims to cooperate with other institutions, associations and blogs devoted to linguistic issues. Our current and former partners are the following:

Peterlin – website of Piotr Kozłowski – author of the series Peterlin on Woofla devoted primarily to the languages ​​of Africa, the Caucasus and Iran.

Kirgiski.pl – blog about Kyrgyz language and Enesaj.pl – blog about Turkic languages ​​and people. The author of both blogs is Jolanta Piaseczna – foreign languages ​​and travel lover who is fascinated with Central Asia. On Woofla we have the pleasure of hosting a series of articles written by Ms. Jolanta, devoted exclusively to the Turkic languages.

Szybka Wiedza – blog by Łukasz Molęda – author of the series Learning languages Without Secrets – a collection of interesting essays that distill the essence of various issues and are written from the point of view of the content reviewer. The author combines the knowledge acquired in the philological studies with that drawn from the latest achievements of neuroscience and cognitive psychology.

Zza szkieł okularów – personal blog of Koharu aka Małgorzata Jurkowska – author of the series Black Haired Woman on Languages ​​- telling about intertwined passions (travels, foreign languages, books) connected with conscious development.

Italia-nel-cuore – blog of Jakub Kubka – author of the series How It Was With The Italian Language – dedicated to the Italian language, customs, culture, music, literature and filmography from the Apennine Peninsula.

Keitah – Katarzyna Flamma’s blog dedicated to the Korean language. The author – well known under the pseudonym Keitah – also hosts relevant linguistic content in a channelon YouTube.

PaleoBiology Blog – blog of Piotr Bajdek – PB – (previously on Woofla under the pseudonym YanaParaPuyu – leader in terms of the number of comments on Woofla) presented simultaneously in three languages ​​(Polish, English and Spanish)! The subject of his articles is the history of life on Earth.

Z miłości do Japonii – the website of Zbigniew Stary – a chemist who is passionate about culture, painting and Japanese, exploring the secrets of Old Japanese and Modern Japanese, the author of two volumes of Japanese poetry.

KaPITOL – a magazine of students of the Faculty of Philology of the University of Lodz, participating in the KMK (Young Classics Science Club). You can find there wide-ranging texts about the humanities, with particular emphasis on ancient times. KaPITOL also co-operates with students and staff of the Faculty of History of the University of Lokapitodz and the Lodz University of Technology. The editorial office is an independent body, but has the guiding care of Professor Zbigniew Danek.

Przyswajanie języków obcych – an academic association of students of the Institute of Applied Linguistics, University of Warsaw, who are interested in issues related to both language acquisition and teaching.

Warsaw School of Applied Linguistics – the only private linguistic university in the province of Masovia and one of the few in Poland. As part of the proposed field of studies (philology) they educate translators and teachers of foreign languages ​​that are highly considered on the job market.

Conlanger – Polish Language Forum – language forum dedicated primarily to artificial languages.

Linguajob.pl – the first Polish job portal for language professionals from different industries. Language Jobs & Language Talent Recruitment for Business.Lingua Job