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The dangers of pen pals and why lang-8.com is an awesome website | Karolina Koszałkowska

duolingologo You can either study a language all by yourself, or pay someone to guide you and a group of people in this process. Regardless of the chosen form of learning, there always comes an ultimate moment of truth: using the language in its spoken, interactive, social-based form.

The need of achieving this goal becomes even more urgent once you are no longer progressing from having conversations with other students of the same language. While watching movies and TV series outside of the course is certainly going to make the input of the spoken language easier for you, it won’t probably affect your output performance. And until comes a time of perfectly programmed and usable artificial intelligence devices for language learners, you are most likely left with no other choice than finding a living, breathing and thinking conversation mate. The ultimate goal here is to make your spoken performance more authentic and natural sounding, all thanks to interacting with a native speaker.>> MORE

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